Bronze Wash Package

- 100% Hand Wash (No Brushes)
- Carefully Hand Dried with Silk Drying Towel
- Wheels Cleansed (Face Only)
- Dress Tires
- Windows Cleaned
- Carpets, and Mats,  Vacuumed
- Dash and Center Console Wiped Down

Want the works for your vehicle? This is the treatment for you. The only add ons to this treatment would be adding on ceramic coating prep and application, window water spot removal, and headlight restoration. This is a wheels-off detail, the paint work is brought to the highest level of gloss and shine as possible through multiple steps of machine polishing, the interior is refreshed to an as new condition as possible, and the engine receives a surface cleaning.  A lot of time is spent on the paintwork with this treatment. The goal is to provide over 75% correction of the paint, removing as many defects as safely as possible. 

ATD Complete Plus Treatment includes:  

  • Engine detail 
  • Hand wash (using 2-bucket method) 
  • Clay bar treatment 
  • Iron decontamination 
  • Dry using compressed air and quality microfiber towels 
  • Removal of wheels
  • Deep cleaning of tires, wheels, wheel wells, and calipers
  • Sealant applied to the wheels and calibers
  • Wheels torqued to factory specification
  • Water based dressing applied to tires
  • Meticulous scrubbing and steam cleaning of interior plastic/vinyl door panels, dash, center console, just about everything
  • Cleaning of windows (both inside and out), and leather (if applicable) 
  • Interior dressing/UV protection on dash 
  • Extensive vacuum of interior, including trunk 
  • Carpet spot removal (a full shampooing of carpets is available at additional charge) 
  • One step of machine compounding to remove up to 75% of swirls, light scratches, oxidation, waterspots, etc
  • One step machine polish of the paint to boost shine and gloss
  • Paint Silica Sealant, offers up to 12 months protective barrier to the paint from UV rays, and other environmental pollutants while adding a reflective, glossy shine to your paint’s surface.
  • Sealant applied to exterior glass, chrome, and exterior plastics.

Pricing starts at: 

$1,150+ for 2-door cars 
$1,350+ for 4-door cars
$1,550+ for Trucks and SUVs with 2 rows of seats
$1,700+ for SUVs with 3 rows of seats/Vans/Lg. Trucks

The process takes a Minimum of 3 days. 

Some paints require more aggressive methods of perfecting the paint. Depending on the condition of the paint, and also the hardness of the clear coat, additional steps of polishing or compounding may be necessary to achieve a desired result. Please keep in mind that these are starting prices and that all vehicles are different and some may require more time and a larger budget to achieve desired results. 

Gold Wash Package

- Windows Cleaned
- Carpets and Mats,  Vacuumed 
- Seats, Cup Holders, Console, Vents,
Panel & Dashboard Blown Out.
- Interior  Wiped Down and UV Protection Applied
- PH Neutral Foam Cannon Bath
- 100% Hand Wash (No Brushes)
- Carefully Hand Dried with Silk Drying Towel
- Wheels Cleansed 
- Door Jambs Wiped Down
- Wheel Wells Cleaned
- Dress Tires
- Fine Clay Bar Treatment
- Iron Decontamination
- Light DA Paint Polishing
-Silica Recharge Spray on Paint, Glass and Trim

Cars $249|   Trucks / SUV $299 |  XL SUV & Vans $399

Cars $299 |   SUV / Trucks $399. |  XL SUV & Vans $499.

ATD Detailing Inc

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ceramic Pro Coating  | XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection Film | Window Tinting      

Redefining Detailing to a New Level

At ATD Detailing Inc., we have auto detailing packages that range from a basic wash to a full detailing service. paint protection, wheel polishing and Ceramic Pro Surface Coatings. ATD Detailing Inc also offers a variety of additional detailing services. We can make your aging vehicle look, feel, and smell brand new. We can protect your new car or truck too! 

ATD Complete Plus Detail Package

 ATD Complete Detail Package

​Our most popular complete detail package. Perfect for the car enthusiast, or for the type that wants their car to stay protected without having to wax 3 - 4 times per year. Leaves your vehicle in perfect to near perfect condition inside and out with the deep gloss and protection your car needs.

Cars $149  |   Truck / SUV $179.00 |  XL SUV, Truck & Vans $199


+  Vacuum
+ Compressed Air Cleaning of Cracks and Crevices
+ Steam Upholstery
+ Shampoo and Hot Water Carpet Extract 
+ Deep Clean Leather, Plastic and Vinyl
+ Condition Leather
+ Dress Plastic and Vinyl with UV Protector 
+ Clean Windows


 ​​​Cars $75 | Truck / SUV $85  |  XL SUV & Vans $95

Silver Wash Package 

- Windows Cleaned
- Carpets and Mats,  Vacuumed
- Seats, Cup Holders, Console, Vents,
  Panel & Dashboard Blown Out.
- Interior Dash and Console Wiped Down
- PH Neutral Foam Cannon Bath
- 100% Hand Wash (No Brushes)
- Carefully Hand Dried with Silk Drying Towel
- Wheels Cleansed (Face and Barrels )
- Dress Tires
-Iron Decontamination
-Silica Recharge Spray on Paint 

Auto Detailing Raleigh

Auto Detailing Raleigh

Cars $225|   Trucks / SUV $289|  XL SUV & Vans $389

The Interior Detail

When you are looking to get that Deep Cleaning for the interior of your vehicle so it looks like new again.

+ Detail Door Jams
+ Meticulously Vacuum Entire Interior
+ Brush Cracks, Crevices & Q-Tip Air Vents
+ Shampoo / Steam Carpets, Seats & Upholstery
+ Deep Clean Mats
+ Clean, Condition & Protect Plastic & Vinyl
+Deep  Leather Cleaning & Protecting
+ Clean Glass

*Leather and Fabric Dyeing is available (Priced upon review)


+ ​3 Bucket PH Neutral Wash
+ Detail Wheels, Wheel Wells, and Door Jams
+ Clay Bar Treat Paint to Remove Industrial Fallout
+ Condition Exterior Plastics
+ Light Machine Polish with Dual Action Polisher
+ Apply Silica  Sealant 
+ Shine Tires