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The Exterior Detail

This  Exterior Package is a clay, 1 step correction and nano polymer shied treatment. It  reduces scratches, scuffs and swirls, and is protected with a nano polymer shield wax. Ceramic Pro Sport coating Can be added to this package for and additional $150 which gives you 12 months of protection

*Excessive wash lines, swirl marks, and marring may require a paint-restoration: a service designed for cars with excessive wash lines, swirling, and marring and will be in addition to the “Complete Exterior.” It is designed to eliminate 50-95% of your vehicles micro-scratching, swirling, and marring.

+ 2 Bucket Hand Wash
+ Clean Wheels
+ Clean Wheel Wells and Door Jams
+ Detail Exterior Plastic & Trim
+ Clay Bar / Iron Treatment to Remove Industrial Fallout
+ Light Machine Polish
+ Hand Apply High Grade Nano Shield Sealant.  
+ Shine Tires
+  Window Cleaning

Auto Detailing in Raleigh


+ ​3 Bucket PH Neutral Wash
+ Detail Wheels, Wheel Wells, and Door Jams
+ Clay Bar Treat Paint to Remove Industrial Fallout
+ Condition Exterior Plastics
+ Light Machine Polish with Dual Action Polisher
+ Apply Silica  Sealant 
+ Shine Tires

Auto Detailing Raleigh


+  Vacuum
+ Compressed Air Cleaning of Cracks and Crevices
+ Steam Upholstery
+ Shampoo and Hot Water Carpet Extract 
+ Deep Clean Leather, Plastic and Vinyl
+ Condition Leather
+ Dress Plastic and Vinyl with UV Protector 
+ Clean Windows
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2 Door ​​​Car $180  |  4Door Car $180  |  4 Door Truck / SUV $225.00 |  XL SUV & Vans $360

Express  Detail

Protects your vehicle from the elements and leaves a wonderful shine. Get that “Full Detail” look without getting a “ATD Complete Detail” every time.  This is an EXPRESS service and is designed for vehicles that do not need a full detail.

Our Most Polular  Detail

+ 2 Bucket Wash
+ Clean Wheels & Shine Tires
+ Wipe Wheel Wells and Door Jams
+ Detail Exterior Plastic & Trim
+ Silica Nano Shield Sealant. 
+ Vacuum
+ Steam Clean The Mats (No Carpet)
+ Damp Microfiber Wipe Interior
+ Dress Interior Leather and Vinyl with UV Protector
+  Window Cleaning

2 Door ​​Car $250 |  4 Door Car $250 |  4 Door  SUV / Trucks $299. |  XL SUV & Vans $399.

Raleigh | Cary | Garner | Durham

​​​​​​​​​​​​Ceramic Pro 9H Coatings | XPEL Paint Protection Film | Window Tint |Ceramic Pro Marine


2 Door ​​​Car $175  |  4Door Car $175 |  4 Door Truck / SUV $225  |  XL SUV & Vans $275

Redefining Detailing to a New Level

At ATD Detailing Inc., we have packages that range from a basic car wash to a full detailing service. paint protection, wheel polishing and Ceramic Pro Surface Coatings. ATD Detailing Inc also offers a variety of additional detailing services. We can make your aging vehicle look, feel, and smell brand new. We can protect your new car or truck too! 

 ATD Complete Detail Package

​Our most popular complete detail package. Perfect for the car enthusiast, or for the type that wants their car to stay protected without having to wax 3 - 4 times per year. Leaves your vehicle in perfect to near perfect condition inside and out with the deep gloss and protection your car needs.

The Interior Detail

When you are looking to get that Deep Cleaning for the interior of your vehicle so it looks like new again.

+ Detail Door Jams
+ Meticulously Vacuum Entire Interior
+ Brush Cracks, Crevices & Q-Tip Air Vents
+ Shampoo Carpets, Seats & Upholstery
+ Deep Clean Mats
+ Clean, Condition & Protect Plastic & Vinyl
+Deep  Leather Cleaning & Protecting
+ Clean Glass

*Leather and Fabric Dyeing is available (Priced upon review)

2 Door ​​​Car $150|  4Door Car $180|  4 Door Trucks / SUV $199 |  XL SUV & Vans $299