Why a New Car Prep?

​Automobiles are rarely delivered with perfect paint, even brand new automobiles, mainly because of storage and mishandling during transportation, as well as poor preparation pre-delivery.  Used automobiles are rarely given the continuous appearance maintenance and restoration services needed.

Therefore, to make the delivery as special as it should be, why not be sure that the paint, wheels, windows, engine and the entire Interior are professionally prepared and protected prior to presenting the automobile for sale.​


Vacuum Interior

Steam Carpets and upholstery as needed

Carpets/Fabric Seats/Headliner Coated with Smart Fabric Coating

Clean and dress all interior panels, Consoles and dash with Vinyl and Plastic Coating

Condition leather with  Leather Guard Coating

Vacuum trunk and coat with Smart Fabric Coating

Clean all windows


Hand wash and dry
Claybar exterior removing contaminants from vehicles surface
Rim cleaned and Wheel Faces sealed with Ceramic Pro Coating
Tires cleaned and dressed with long lasting tire gloss
Wheel Wells cleaned and protected
Underhood, engine, door and trunk jams cleaned and sealed
1 step Paint Polishing to enhance clear coat clarity
Paint Sealed with Ceramic Pro Coating
Dress all exterior Trim

Starting at $800.00*

*Slightly more for vans, trucks and SUV’s, and price adjustments for excessively dirty vehicles.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ceramic Pro Coating  | XPEL Clear Bra Paint Protection Film | Window Tinting